Header soldering service

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For EU customers: €2,48 with VAT.

Some of the products we sell come with unsoldered headers or headers that need to be purchased separately. This enables us to keep costs down and provides our customers more flexibility for connectivity. 

However, we understand that some customers don't have the time, skills, or tools to solder headers to the boards we sell. You can add this option to your order and we will solder all headers that need to be connected to the product you purchased. 

This option applies only to one product at a time:

  • If you have ordered several products and want them all soldered, select this service as many times as needed.
  • If you have ordered several boards but only want this option to apply to a specific product, just tell us in the comment section of the order payment screen. 

Note that the NoCAN starter Kit counts as a single product, though it contains 3 separate boards.

Do you need larger quantities? Product customisation? B2B VAT exemption? Just contact us and we will make it happen!