NoCAN network diagram

Build your own 'wired' IoT network with NoCAN

To build a NoCAN network you need: 

(1) A Raspberry-Pi, with an Omzlo PiMaster HAT

(2) A 9V to 24V DC power supply.

(3) One, two, three or more Omzlo CANZERO nodes. 

(4) Cables, with 4 wires.

With the cables, you connect the Omzlo PiMaster HAT to the first Omlzo CANZERO. Then you connect the first Omzlo CANZERO to the second Omzlo CANZERO, following with the third, and so forth until you have connected all your Omzlo CANZERO nodes, forming a chain that can be 300 meters long! (yes, that's 1000 feet!). You plug the DC power supply into the PiMaster HAT: this will power both the RaspberryPi and your newly created network. Now, connect to the RaspberryPi and launch our network manager application and you are ready to go.